Tiny Lions Napoleons (minuets) Adult Female Cats

Breeder of third generation Napoleon cats, the pride of cat lovers, and the kings and queens of the cat world.

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Tiny Lions Napoleons

The following are our lionesses (queens, female breeders).  Since we are a small cattery to ensure good socialization of our cats, we will have a limited number of females, although they will outnumber our males.  At this time, we have only three females in our breeding program, with another waiting to be cleared for breeding by her doctor  That is Katy. Learn more about Katy here.

Blueskies Lady Bing of Tiny Lions

Nickname: Bing

Date of Birth: 05/28/2015

Standard long hair Napoleon (Minuet)

Color: Brown and white tabby

DNA tested (contact for results)

Pedigree available (contact to review)

Bing is an adorable long hair standard Napoleon who loves to get into mischief and to explore. She begs for treats and plays fetch.  She is inquisitive and highly intelligent, and has shown that she can plan strategies to problem solve. One must always be on their toes around her, and she is a constant source of entertainment.

Bing can eat all day and not become overweight.  She has a fast metabolism.

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Queen Josephine of Tiny Lions

Nickname: Josie

Date of Birth: 05/28/2015

Standard long hair Napoleon (Minuet)

Color: Torbie and white classic tabby

DNA tested (contact for results)

Pedigree available (contact to review)

Josie has times when she wants to be dignified and others when she wants to let loose.  She loves to play fetch but if Bing joins in, she’ll back off.  She loves her family and likes to ride on the right shoulder (not the left).  Don’t let her small stature fool you; she is highly intelligent and will negotiate obstacles to reach the highest point in any room.  She loves climbing and is an excellent mother to all our kittens.

Josie eats like a bird but maintains a good weight for what she takes in.

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Our Tiny Lionesses

This picture was taken by Malkhaz, one of Milo’s new parents, when he and his wife, Mandy, came by to see Milo.  He graciously allowed me to use it on the website. Thanks, Malkhaz.  It’s a beautiful picture.

Gabrielle Landesclaw of Tiny Lions

Nickname: Ellie

Date of Birth: 05/14/2017

Standard long hair Napoleon (Minuet)

Color: Chocolate silver shaded and white

DNA tested (contact for review)

Pedigree (contact to review)

We picked up Ellie on July 29th, from Judy’s Cuties in Florida.  Judy is the same breeder where we got Claude from and we are so excited to have her.  Ellie hasn’t been bred yet but we are excited to see what she can produce.  She is an amazing little doll.  She immediately bonded to my husband and me as her new family and loves to fall asleep on my chest for naps and nighttime. There isn’t any place I go that she doesn’t want to follow me to.