Tiny Lion Napoleons (minuet) Kittens

Breeder of third generation Napoleon cats, the pride of cat lovers, and the kings and queens of the cat world.

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Tiny Lions Napoleons

Getting a kitten is a big deal and can be a little daunting.  We would like to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. Communications is key in that respect, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about the process.

We are committed to producing the best third generation Napoleons out there, which means that our kittens will have parents and grandparents that are nothing but Napoleons.  At this time, it is acceptable to use Munchkins and the Persian breed group to produce Napoleons, and this is completely fine. Eventually, the standards will require that only Napoleon to Napoleon pairing will be acceptable.  Our breeding program is modeled that way. Since our cats are second-generation Napoleons, all their kittens will be third-generation Napoleons.

Please be aware that Napoleons having the Persian breed group and Munchkins as parents and grandparents are completely acceptable and can still be show cats.  The use of these breeds is done to implant certain traits and to expand the gene pool of the Napoleons

How to get a Tiny Lions Napoleon kitten

To get a kitten from Tiny Lions Napoleons, we do not require a deposit to get on a waiting list. However, once you wish to reserve a kitten from a litter, we require a non-refundable deposit ($100 for nonstandard kitten and $200 for a standard kitten) to put your name on that kitten. Anyone can get on our litter update list to be kept informed of when litters become available. All people interested in one of our kittens can get on the waiting list that will then be able to select from available kittens; and although you may be low on the list, it is possible that you will still get a kitten. Some people on the waiting list are looking for a specific kitten and may end up passing until that kitten come about.

The cost of our kittens are as follows:

Nonstandard Napoleon (long legs): starting at $700 (including altering, vaccinations, exams, microchip, registration, etc.)  Long leg Napoleons have the same beautiful doll-like Persian look and sweet temperaments as their short leg counterparts.

Standard Napoleon (short legs): starting at $1300 (including altering, vaccinations, exams, microchip, registration, etc.)

The cost of each kitten is dependent on color, lineage, and conformation standards.  Cats that display show quality traits will run a little higher.  Kittens that will be used for breeding programs will carry an additional $500 breeding rights fee.  Otherwise, all kittens will be sold as pets only and will be spayed or neutered before going home with the owner.  Anyone interested in a kitten for breeding must discuss their breeding program with us in depth before they will be approved for purchasing one of our kittens.

If you wish to get on a waiting list, you will have to fill out a questionnaire.  Only a few breeders require this, but we are concerned about where our kittens go after they leave us.  Napoleons are very resilient and adaptable cats, and having other pets in the house will not prohibit you from getting a kitten from us.  The questionnaire will help us understand your living situation, as well as to give you a chance to reflect on the consequences of bringing a Napoleon into your home.  We want to make sure that you are certain about bringing a kitten into your home.  Getting a kitten should be a decision you are firmly committed to.  The questionnaire will help you make that decision.  In addition, we can review your answers and give advice on how to incorporate your new kitten into your family.  You can also find helpful suggestions on our blog. To fill out the Questionnaire, click here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Home: (719)687-4484

Cell: (305)333-3186 (call or text)

Or email us at: cmrudy337@gmail.com

Questionnaire for prospective buyers

Contract for purchasing a kitten

Check out our available kittens and upcoming litters on our Available Kittens page.

Shipping Information

Taking your kitten home is another matter of concern.  Due to the stress shipping in cargo causes to a kitten, we will not allow that option. You may either pick up your kitten in person or have someone else do it for you.  Or, for an added amount, we will personally deliver your kitten to you if you live within the United States. International buyers should scroll down to see the requirements for purchasing a kitten from us.

We are an hour outside Colorado Springs, which has the closest airport, and two hours away from Denver International Airport. We would be available to meet you at either airport to hand off your kitten to you.

Going Home

Once you reserve your kitten, you will receive updates and pictures of his or her development until he or she reaches 12 weeks of age.

The kitten you’ve chosen will be given a three-set series of intranasal vaccinations (at 6, 9, and 12 weeks). They will be de-wormed, receive an extensive eye and ear exam, and be given a clean bill of health before he or she goes home with you.  They are guaranteed to be disease-free upon receipt and come with a one year genetic health guarantee. Your kitten will be happy, healthy, and ready to go home with you at around 12 weeks of age. Kittens must be at least 2 pounds before they will be released. Your kitten will be socialized with other cats, dogs, loud noises, strangers, and travel.  It will have been acclimated to all aspects of grooming, including nail clipping, bathing and blow drying.

If you are taking your kitten home as a pet, your new kitten will be spayed or neutered before they leave us. His or her registration will specifically state that he or she is not for breeding. All kittens are microchipped in their new parent’s name. Our kittens will be registered with TICA and you will receive their papers.

Please review our contract before you make a decision on purchasing a cat from Tiny Lions Napoleons.  You can see a copy of it here.

Show and breeder cats

Tiny Lions Napoleons strives to produce the best cats of the breed and therefor will sell only kittens that exhibit the best traits as show or breeder cats. These will be determined by color and the beginning of the kitten’s development of the right conformation standards.  However, since a cat continues to develop its traits well past 12 weeks, even until it reaches adult age, it is impossible to predict the exact conformation standards of any kitten by the time it is ready to go home with its new parent. It will be up to the prospective buyer to be familiar with the conformation standards of the Napoleon (minuet) breed to be the judge of what they are looking for in a show cat. Note: No breeder can guarantee show results in their cats, and you should be very wary of anyone who does.

Due to their status as breeders and show cats, they will be priced higher than cats that will go to pet homes. Be sure to indicate if you are interested in a show or breeder cat.

Note: We will not sell our cats as breeders to just anyone.  Anyone interested in a cat for breeding must prove that they are or will be a responsible breeder, according to the rules of TICA.org. (See rules here). Those people will also be vigorously vetted to make sure they will provide a loving home to their breeders.

International Buyers

If you are from outside of the United States and are dead-set on getting a kitten from us, you should be aware that there are additional costs above the purchase price of the kitten. This cost can run upward of another $2,000, depending on the country you wish the kitten to go to. However, you will only be charged what expenses are incurred to get your kitten home.  You will also be required to communicate with us extensively to ensure the quality of home our kitten will be going to. Remember, our priority is to ensuring the health and happiness of our cats.

You should know what additional costs you will come across if you are an international buyer:

You should become familiar with the import laws for bringing pets into your country. Prior to agreeing to sell a kitten to an international buyer, we will review the laws of that country to ensure that they are compliant with ensuring the health of the kitten during transport.  We reserve the right to deny purchase of a kitten due to those laws, or any other situation where the health of the cat is not guaranteed.

Note: We will not ship a kitten in cargo. You must arrange for personal transportation home, either by picking up the cat in person or having a personal representative do it for you.

Funds for the cost of a kitten and shipping home must clear before the purchase is completed.

Disclaimer required by TICA for the use of their logo: This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.

DNA Testing, Genetic and Color Coat

Our parent cats have been tested for a variety of genetic diseases that could be passed down to their offspring. The following tests have been done on each of our parent cats, all of which have proven negative for the diseases:

PKD-1 (Polycystic Kidney Disease)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (an eye disease that will result in blindness)

Mucopolysaccharidosis VI (affects the skeleton, heart, eyes, and other organs)

The results for each cat are available for review upon request.

Tiny Lions Napoleons is also interested in tracking the coloring of our kittens. For our own interest, we will DNA test our kittens for coat color. At your request, we will provide the result to you for your own interest. This is usually of interest only to someone intending to breed or show their kitten. However, DNA color coat test results will not be a reason for returning your kitten in the event the kitten does not possess a coloration gene you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific gene, check our Lions and Lionesses page to request their DNA results. You will be able to see the possibilities of the pairings to judge for yourself what color your kitten carries if it is not evident.