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Breeder of third generation Napoleon cats, the pride of cat lovers, and the kings and queens of the cat world.

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Tiny Lions Napoleons

About Tiny Lions Napoleons Cattery

Our Cattery in Brief:

Tiny Lions Napoleons is run by Catherine and Bryan Rudy of Divide, Colorado, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  It is dedicated solely to producing third generation Napoleons (Minuets) that can pass along the desirable traits found in the breed.  (Such traits can be found in the Conformation Standards page.)

It is the intention of Tiny Lions Napoleons to promote the Napoleon (Minuet) breed as a serious contender for prime status among other cat associations and to compete for championship in showing. Tiny Lions also promotes education among cat lovers, appreciation for the breed, and producing only the best cats for breeding future generations of Napoleons (Minuets).

This cattery is open to all questions and communication about our cats and the breed in general. Take a photo tour of our cattery here to see how our cats live.

History of Tiny Lions Napoleons:

Tiny Lions Napoleons began from a single phone call from our daughter, Robyn, who said she wanted to get a Munchkin cat.  Neither my husband nor I had ever heard of a Munchkin, so I looked them up on the Internet.  I was immediately enamored by the body structure of the cat and wanted one myself.  However, I didn’t immediately jump into buying just any Munchkin.  As I am prone to do, I began to do some research on the breed to ensure that the breed was a healthy one.  In my research, I inevitably came upon Napoleons (also known as Minuets).  Seeing them, I instantly shifted gears from Munchkins to Napoleons.  When I showed a picture of one to my husband, he was hooked.  He fell instantly in love with them.  After hearing about their history and how recently they had come into being, he didn’t just want one, he wanted to be instrumental in promoting the breed.  It was his suggestion to breed Napoleons that brought us this far.

Again, I began to do research on the Napoleon breed, ensuring that they were healthy and not subject to physical shortcomings because of their smaller legs.  With that done, I then turned my research into looking for credible breeders to find the perfect cats.  These cats would not only become a part of our breeding program, but become members of our family.  I found Blue Sky Cats, run by Kristin Dubois, who became a great inspiration and mentor for us to develop our breeding program.  She shares the same mentality about promoting the breed by producing excellent traits in her cats.  To this day, Kristin has been an inspiration and a fantastic source of help.  If you are looking for reputable breeders of Napoleons and can’t find a kitten here for you, don’t hesitate to check with Blue Sky Cats.  Kristin is very honest and helpful, and considers her cats before anything else.  She makes sure that her cats go only to good homes.

It took a while to find our first two girls, which required getting on a waiting list.  Finally, we were notified by Kristin that we could choose among several kittens which ones we wanted, and if they were still available after others on the waiting list had made their choice, they would be ours.  Luck was with us and the two girls we chose were available. In August 2015, we were able to bring our two girls home.  We named them Lady Bing and Queen Josephine, but they are affectionately called Bing and Josie.

We bonded for several months with our girls before we started to look for our first stud boy.  That search began in January 2016.  Finding our boy was not an easy task and we experienced several setbacks and disappointments in locating just the right boy.  We were concerned with pedigrees and avoiding line breeding, and finding a boy who could also show in championship.  We had extremely high standards and they promised to defeat us.  But we had to stick to our guns to keep to our business plan, which was promoting excellent kittens in the breed.  Once again, Kristin was an invaluable help.  She pointed us to breeders who had boy kittens that might suit us and was encouraging when we grew frustrated with disappointment.  It eventually got out to a select few breeders we felt comfortable dealing with that we were looking for a boy to begin our breeding program. Those breeders were very helpful as well.

Eventually, we were notified by Judy Felsman of Judy’s Cuties that she had a boy we could look at.  As it turned out, he was as near to perfect as we could get.  We watched his development with an air of apprehension, given the disappointments we’d already experienced in finding a boy.  We didn’t want to get too attached to him in case something turned up that he wouldn’t fit our program.  But after all the searching and hoping and waiting, we finally got to take him home.  He became Clawed LeMieux, our first stud boy.  He has since grown into a marvelous cat, becoming a quad-grand champion in TICA within a few short months of showing as an adult.  He became the South Central Region’s best minuet kitten of 2017 and best minuet cat of 2017.

Desiring another cat to show in TICA, we began looking for another female kitten.  She, too, would join our breeding program when she reached a year of age; but in the meantime, we could show her as a kitten, then as an adult. Finding a fabulous cat that is a second generation minuet, not related to Claude, and of show quality, was difficult. I went to Judy Felsman of Judy’s Cuties, where we’d gotten Claude, and posed my dilemma.  She bred several of her females to Remington, who is not related to Claude, to see what she could produce.  Every litter proved unsuccessful in producing a standard female–until the las one.  She produced a lilac and white standard female and we jumped at the chance of taking her.  When we got her, we named her Gabrielle Landesclaw, Ellie for short.  That was on July 29, 2017.  She is currently turning into a beautiful girl, although she is not a lilac, but a chocolate silver shaded and white.  We also got a beautiful chocolate lynx point and white standard kitten, who we named Catrice Purrgeron (Katy, for short), but she won’t be used for breeding yet.  Her story can be read on my blog, Cats Happen, in the article, My Kitten with a Big Heart.

Tiny Lions Napoleons is a no-cage cattery, with the number of cats we have being small.  We integrate our cats into the family so we can enjoy them just as much as anyone who has a cat as a pet.  As such, our cats learn to socialize with people, dogs, and other cats, and they vacation with us. They have the run of the house.  When you get a kitten from Tiny Lions Napoleons, they will have the same social interaction as the adults. You can take a photo tour of our cattery here to see how our cats live.

Please be aware that the Napoleon (minuet) cat comes in two versions: long leg and short leg.  The only way to differentiate the two versions is leg length.  Both have the same beautiful doll-like Persian look without the health problems of Persians.  Both version can be produce from the same litter.  Of course, the short leg version comes at a higher price, but the long leg version of the Napoleon is just as beautiful and sweet as the short leg version.

If you have any questions about Tiny Lions Napoleons or the breed itself, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at:

Home: (719)687-4484

Cell: (305)333-3186 (call or text)

Or email at: cmrudy337@gmail.com

Disclaimer required by TICA for the use of their logo: This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.

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