Breeder of third generation Minuet cats, the pride of cat lovers, and the kings and queens of the cat world.

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Tiny Lions Napoleons

Tiny Lions Napoleons has always been invested in the development of the Minuet (Napoleon) breed. We were there when Minuets were only allowed to show in Advanced New Breed class. We were there when they were accepted into championship in TICA, and have made it a point to continue to show our cats. Showing allows us to educate the public on what Minuets are and to let people handle these beautiful cats. We also enjoy competing in the cat world and getting Minuets acknowledged as stunning cats among all other cats.

We are personally proud to show our accomplishments in the form of Awards and Titles, as well as to congratulate those kittens we sent on to their new homes in their accomplishments if they showed. So, without further ado, here are our champion cats.

Regional Winner (RW) and Supreme-Grand Champion (SGC) Clawed Lemiuex of Tiny Lions (Claude)

Claude is our only stud and male. He showed only a few times before he went to breeding. We only take him out to show a few times now.

2017 Regional Winner, Best Minuet Kitten (SC Region)

2018 Regional Winner, 14th Best LH Cat (SC Region)

2019 Regional Winner, Best Chocolate Mackerel Tabby/White Minuet LH of the Year (SC Region)

2019 Regional Winner, Third Best Minuet LH of the Year (SC Region)

Supreme Grand Champion Alter (SGCA) Catrice Purrgeron of Tiny Lions (Katy)

Katy is our special needs cat. Even with a heart problem, she is an extremely tough little girl who thrives on competition. She was altered because of her health issues, but we show her because she is not frail. We will continue to show her for as long as possible.

2019 Regional Winner, Best Minuet LH Alter (SC Region)

2019 Regional Winner, Best Minuet LH of the Year (SC Region)

2019 Regional Winner, Best Chocolate Lynx Point/White Minuet LH of the Year (SC Region)  

Quad-Grand Champion (QGC) Judyscuties Gabrielle Landesclaw (Ellie)

We showed Ellie for a few shows before she retired to have a family. She currently wants to be a mom and has no interest in showing. We plan to let her have a few litters before we retire her and spay her. Once that happens, we’ll bring her back out to show in Alter class.

2019 Regional Winner, Second Best Minuet LH of the Year (SC Region)

2019 Regional Winner, Best Chocolate Silver Mackerel Tabby/White Minuet LH of the Year  

Triple-Grand Champion (TGC) Blueskies Sydney Clawsby of Tiny Lions (Sydney)

Sydney is our newest addition. We want to show and title her before we let her have her own family.  She is currently a triple-grand champion and not even fully developed.  She will be unbelievable once she matures into her full self.

2019 Regional Winner, Best Minuet LH Kitten of the Year (SC Region)

Supreme Grand Master Queen Josephine of Tiny Lions

Josie is a full-bred minuet, but because one of her great grandparents is a domestic shorthair, she could not show in championship. So when we spayed her, she was able to show in Household Pet Class in TICA. She is currently a Supreme Grand Master. She is cute as a button.

Tiny Lions Napoleons’ Accomplishments and Titles

Our Kittens’ Accomplishments and Titles

Currently only one of our kittens we produced is showing. Most kittens have gone to pet homes, and while they can show, have not been shown. But we have one who is and we are so proud of her.

Supreme Grand Master Tiny Lions Duchess Noel

Duchess is one of Claude and Lady Bing’s babies and is a stunning cat. Because she is a non-standard Minuet (long leg), she cannot show in championship and was forced to show in Household Pet. It took only a short while for her to reach Supreme Grand Master title because she is absolutely and unbelievably gorgeous. Her new human dad, William Feigt, proudly shows her and is going for the gold with her. No doubt, he has a good chance to make this beauty an international winner.