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TICA Judging


(Subject to changes)



Round, broad, smooth domed with great breadth. Should be medium to large in size and in proportion to the body. Jaws broad and powerful with perfect tooth occlusion. Cheeks should be moderately full and blend with the overall roundness of the face. Overall a very sweet expression.

Round, broad, with well rounded contours when viewed from any angle.  Cheeks moderately full, top head rounded but not domed.


Medium to small and round tipped. Set wide apart, fitting into the contour of the head.

Medium with preference given to slightly smaller ears but not extreme rounded tips.  Set wide apart.


Large, round and full. Set level and moderately far apart giving a sweet expression to the face. Eye color has equal importance to size and shape. Deep brilliant eye color is preferred, which conforms to coat color.

Large and round, wide open but not protruding. No brow ridge. Deep brilliant eye color is preferred which conforms to coat color.


Strong, moderately full, fitting into the face. Muzzle should be moderately full short and full.

Rounded and moderate


Only moderately longer than broad.

Moderately short, broad and with an obvious stop, but no break; not snub. Top of the nose leather should not come above the lower edge of the eye.


Moderately short and broad with well rounded whisker pads.

Moderately short and broad with well rounded whisker pads.


Moderately short nose with a dip below the eyes. Forehead, nose and chin form a pleasing “baby doll” profile. There shall be no break between the eyes.

Gentle curve to a moderate stop.


Moderately short, thick and well muscled.

Head should blend into moderately short neck.



Appears moderately long in relation to legs, with a thick, well rounded mid section.

Semi-cobby (stocky), well rounded. Straight top-line preferred, slight rise from the shoulders to tail is acceptable.


Short, large boned, well developed and with firm musculature. The hind legs may be slightly longer than the forelegs.

Short, well developed, firm musculature. Outer upper thigh boning and musculature may be thick and pronounced due to short legs. Inner leg straight with little to no bowing though slight bowing is acceptable.


Round and large, pointing forward.

Rounded and neat, tufts on longhairs.


Short to medium. Straight and in proportion to body length.

In proportion to body length or longer, not short. Long hairs should be plumed and flowing.


Heavy, sturdy and in proportion.

Medium to substantial. In front, legs should be short and straight from the breadth of the chest adding to sturdy appearance.


Firm and well developed.

Substantial, firm and noticeable on front legs, not to be confused with bowing.




Napoleon Short hair:

Short, but slightly longer than most shorthairs. Seasonal variation in coat and density should be recognized.

Short. Dense but slightly longer than other shorthairs; standing away from body.

Napoleon Long hair:

Long all over the body. Full of life. Ruffs should be immense. Seasonal variations in coats shall be recognized.

Semi-long, guard hairs long and straight. Stands away from the body. Noticeable ruff but not extreme. Seasonal variation in coats shall be recognized. Britches are shaggy.

Texture/ short hair:

Soft, dense and plush, standing away from the body.

Short, plush double coat preferred, all weather, not lying flat.

Texture/ long hair:

Dense undercoat giving the coat full volume.

Soft, slight undercoat gives the coat body but coat still falls smoothly. Not cottony. Possible curls on underbody.

Condition and balance:

Should reflect excellent health and robust power with good muscle tone. Other than short legs, all parts of the body should be in proportion to each other.

Good muscle tone; well-muscled, but not fat. Legs disproportionately short but no more than 2/3 shorter than the body length to avoid overly short legs.

General description:

The Minuet is a hybrid of the Persian Breed Group and the Munchkin breed group. The desired result is a cat that resembles the Persian of earlier eras with the shortened legs of the Munchkin. The ideal Napoleon is an active cat with a playful attitude, medium sized and strong with noticeable boning and musculature, especially on the short hair group. The cat should have a very open and round face with a sweet expression and large eyes that do not tear. The coat should be non- matting.




• Wedge-shaped head.

• Narrow muzzle.

• Bite deformity

• Obvious break between the eyes or above the nose.

• Ears that are large, pointed or set too close together .

• Toeing out of the front feet.

• Excessive bowing to the front or rear legs.

• Excessively protruding sternum.

• Flanged or extremely short ribcage.

• Poor muscle tone.

• Small close-set eyes.

• Pale or weak eye color.

• Buttons or lockets

  • Brow dome
  • Snub nose
  • Wedge-shaped head
  • Thin muzzle
  • Large pointed ears
  • Small and close set eyes; crossed eyes; tearing
  • Inadequate nose, tiny nostrils
  • Protruding sternum
  • Tail fault
  • Legs that are too short, less than 1/3 the length of the body.


• Kinked tail.

• Severe malocclusion or asymmetry to the face 

• Crossed, slanted or improperly focusing eyes.

• Any evidence of lameness.

  • Nose break
  • Severe malocclusion
  • Non-standard leg length
  • Severe tail fault.


The Napoleon should be balanced physically and temperamentally, gentle and amenable to handling.

Temperament must be unchallenging; any sign of definite challenge shall disqualify. The cat may exhibit fear, seek to flee, or generally complain aloud but may not threaten to harm.

Conformation Standards for the Minuet breed

This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.

Note: These are for showing purposes. At this time, TICA does not allow the Minuet Tall to show in Championship class.