Breeder of third generation Minuet and Minuet Tall cats, the pride of cat lovers, and the kings and queens of the cat world.

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Versions of Minuets:

The Long and Short of It

Let’s begin with a little introduction on these beautiful cats. The Minuet is often described as a doll-faced Persian. Some describe them as having the face of the original Persians. Without a doubt, Minuets have a distinct look that separates them from other breeds and makes them recognizable all on their own.  The Minuet was originally bred from a member of the Persian breed group (Persian, Himalayan, or Exotic Short hair) and a Munchkin, but now that the gene pool has been expanded, many breeders are fazing out the outcrosses. Minuets come in two versions, short and regular length legs, and each carries the same remarkable traits that are associated with these fabulous cats.

No one should assume that these beautiful cats are solely “dwarf” cats.

The first reason someone should look into a Minuet (also called a Napoleon) to add to their family is because they have fallen in love with their sweet, doll-like kitten look. Such a precious face is to-die-for. If that look doesn’t hook you, you would never be swayed by teddy bears, Margaret Keane art, and stunning sweetness. That is the Minuet’s first allure–its darling face. They have adorably round faces with big, expressive eyes, and prominent, yet medium-sized, ears that frame their lovable appearance. Even as they mature, they retain that sweetness to their faces, although it then comes with a more regal flare.  

The coat of a Minuet is also distinctive of the breed. The long-haired Minuet has a thick, luxurious coat that gives the cat an even fuller appearance than its sturdy body provides. That hair comes with a plush undercoat to give it a full body; while a top layer of flowing guard hairs completes the wonderful thickness of its coat.  

The short-haired Minuet comes with a thick, silky coat that only differs from the long-haired version in its uniform length. The short hairs give a Minuet’s color pattern a more defined appearance. Running your hand through a short-haired Minuet’s coat is therapeutic.

The next feature of a Minuet that people fall in love with is their sweet nature. A Minuet is a well-adjusted, friendly cat that loves its family and can get along with other pets if raised around them. They tend to be brave, curious, and loyal.  

An important issue that lovers of Minuets should favor is their good health. As a general rule, Minuets are healthy cats, being a breed that originated from the Persian group, but without the health issues and risks that the Persians tend to have. Their faces should not have an extremely short muzzle that compromises their respiratory functions or cause excessive tearing, as it can in the current Persian breeds. This structure is called brachycephalic and results in certain veterinarian concerns, but which is not to be found in true Minuets.  

Contrary to what has been found in certain dog breeds with the short leg gene, the short Minuet do not come with mobility issues or tendencies toward arthritis or bone and joint problems. The short-legged Minuet are just as active and agile as the regular-legged Minuet Tall.

With all that said, there are two versions of Minuets: short-legged, called Minuet, and regular leg length, called Minuet Talls. The only difference of the two versions is leg length. In fact, a single litter can produce both versions of Minuets. Each one has the same wonderful traits as mentioned above. A Minuet should be identifiable by their traits regardless of leg length. NO ONE SHOULD IDENTIFY MINUETS AS SOLELY “DWARF CATS.”

By now, you should have fallen in love with the Minuet for its adorable face, appealing nature, and good health. However, leg length can be an appealing factor for some people, depending on their lifestyle or preferences. This helps in deciding on which version of Minuet they would prefer. In my opinion, I have found no difference in the two versions other then the length of their legs, and I love both of them. They have been a joy to have in my life.

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