Breeder of third generation Minuet and Minuet Tall cats, the pride of cat lovers, and the kings and queens of the cat world.

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Tiny Lions Napoleons Tiny Lions Napoleons Cattery

The biggest clue when looking for a good cattery is the place where the kitten comes from. To find a kitten that is most likely to be well-adjusted and healthy, it is important to find a cattery that keeps their cats clean and socially active. After all, a happy mom and dad cat will produce happy kittens.

Tiny Lions Napoleons is a small pet-friendly, cage-less cattery located in Divide, CO, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Our cats are part of our family and allowed to run around the house. However, due to also having dogs in the house, it is necessary to have a special place for the cats to retreat to for quiet time.

We invite you on a photo tour of our home to see how our cats live. Anyone interested in one of our kittens is always welcome to tour our home in person.

Cat toys and condos can be found throughout the house. These condos are quick, safe havens for when the cats want peace from the dogs or other cats. For any cat living with dogs, it is always smart to have a place where it can climb to safety, no matter how friendly the dogs are.

When we got our Minuets, I had a friend make these beautiful shelves so the cats could join me while I do office work. My dog is always faithfully by my side, so it was necessary to add the shelves for a safety measure–just in case. I have since made more shelves to add to other walls in the room for the cats to traverse.

Josie chilling in the bathroom connected to the office, one of her favorite places. Another favorite is in a cubby hole above the bathtub (to the right, not visible), where she can seclude herself out of sight. This house has so many windows, the cats feel like they are outside. Our living room windows span 30 feet in height.

And now for the reason why we named out cattery Tiny Lions Napoleons:

This is a photo taken by our wildlife camera outside our garage one night. This mountain lion is only one of a few that live in the area. I’ve run across a pair of them feeding on a deer during broad daylight behind the house. We love our wildlife out here but our little lions (our Minuets) stay inside, for obvious reasons.

There you have it, a brief photo tour of our cattery. We are invested in our cats (as well as our dogs) and ensure that they have everything they need. If you are interested in any of our kittens and you live anywhere in the area, feel free to inspect our cattery and the condition of our cats; we would be proud to show you. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment. You can reach us any of the following ways:

Home phone: (719)687-4484

Cell phone: (305)333-3186 (call or text)


Note: If you are calling and you do not receive an answer, please leave a message. Due to the inordinate number of unsolicited callers, we screen our calls from unknown numbers. Leave a time when it’s best to call you back. We will return your phone call.

Living in the Rocky Mountains, our cats have breathtaking views from every room of the house. There are no other buildings to block these marvelous vistas.

Claude enjoys free rein of the main level of the house. He is our only stud and we love him dearly. We do not cage any of our cats, even our breeding boy. We play musical rooms with our girl cats when we are not breeding them.

This is the room we built onto the house in 2018 to be the kitten nursery.  It was quite a fun time, since we did it ourselves, with the help of a friend who used to build homes for celebrities in California. Thanks, Bob, for teaching me framing.

This is Claude’s bedroom. Yes, he has his own bedroom. At times, when we don’t want to breed our girls, we’ll put Claude into his bedroom for some time while the girls come out to play on the main level.