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Last updated: 6/21/2018 10:36:16 PM

Available Kitten: Trapper is Bing's one and only kitten this litter and he's a doll baby. We are 99% sure that he's a male (so is the vet) and he is a nonstandard, although he will most likely be a short LONG leg. We tend to produce short nonstandards, but they aren't short enough to be considered standards. Trapper is a long haired brown classic tabby and may carry chocolate and other color genes from Claude. He looks like he will have a thick, luxurious coat, taking his undercoat (fluffy hairs) from Claude and long guard hairs (the silky top hairs) from Bing. He has a remarkably round face with a little stub nose, just as a Napoleon should. He is three weeks old and thriving very well, so I can make him available to a loving family now. He is $800, will be neutered and microchipped, have three sets of intranasal vaccinations (at 6, 9, and 12 weeks), dewormed and have a complete health exam before he goes home. He will also have a comprehensive eye and ear exam prior to going home and comes with a health guarantee. His parents (Bing and Claude) have been DNA tested for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and muccopolysaccharidosis, and both parents are negative for all diseases (results available for viewing). Caude is a TICA quad-grand champion and was the South Central Regional Best minuet (Napoleon) kitten and cat in 2017. Trapper is a third-generation Napoleon (minuet), which means his parents and grandparents are all full-blooded napoleons, not outcrossed with a munchkin or Persian. I will supply his three-generation pedigree. He comes with registration papers, which I will get you signed up with TICA to have his papers managed digitally. This allows you to re-print his papers if they are lost. He will be fully socialized with other cats, dogs (even big ones), loud noises, strangers, and travel. He will be familiar with all aspects of grooming, including bath, blow drying and nail trimming. All our cats are raised underfoot, meaning they are not caged, and are treated as family members. If you are local, you are welcome to spend as much time as you like to bond with him before he goes home. If you are not local, we keep you up to date with his progress with pictures and videos nearly every day. If you are interested in Trapper (his litter name), please email me at, which is the best way to get in touch with us.

If you have any questions about our cats’ breeding status, feel free to do so in the following ways:

Home: (719)687-4484

Cell: (305)333-3186 (call or text)

Or email us at:

If you would like to be on our Litter Update list, email me with your interest at  This is the best way to go, so I can capture your email.

If you have to leave a message or email, I WILL get back to you.  Even if you only have questions, I will talk your ear off.

June 2018 – We are impatiently waiting for Claude to return from Montana, where he is spending time at summer “band camp” at 406Paws Cattery.  I’ve heard that he’s been busy there with the girls and we can only hope that he’s being productive. As for us here at home, we have to wait for him to return to let him get busy with our girls.  He’s supposed to come home at the end of June.

Anyone interested in any of our kittens must fill out a questionnaire that you can download here or speak to us in person, where we will go over all the issues on the questionnaire. We insist on knowing where our kittens will end up and approve of their new homes before they leave us. The questionnaire is designed specifically for the prospective pet parent to evaluate their home life before bringing a cat home.  You can find the details of getting a kitten from us here.

If you have any questions about our kittens, don’t hesitate to reach us the following ways. If you are calling and we don’t answer, please leave a short message that you are inquiring about our cats. We will call you back as quickly as we can.


Home phone: (719)687-4484

Cell phone: (305)333-3186 (call or text)

Check back to see updates on our kittens and upcoming litters. We are especially proud of our cats and love to share pictures and stories about them.  To learn more about our cattery, travel through our web site at your leisure. Read our two blogs, the Kitty Blog and Cats Happen, for more information about owning cats and to enjoy stories about them.

If you would like to see any of the previous kittens from our cats, go to the Lions and Lionesses page and click on their picture. This may help you choose which pairing you would like to watch out for.

Best picture ever!

Bing with her last litter, Duchess and Cleo.


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