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Last updated: 1/10/2023 5:35:16 PM


Anyone interested in our kittens must fill out a questionnaire that you can download here or speak to us in person, where we will go over all the issues on the questionnaire. (You may call to talk about our kittens.) We insist on knowing where our kittens will end up and approve of their new homes before they leave us. The questionnaire is designed specifically for the prospective pet parent to evaluate their home life before bringing a cat home. You can find the details of getting a kitten from us here.

If you have any questions about our kittens, don’t hesitate to reach us the following ways. If you call and we don’t answer, please leave a short message that you are inquiring about our cats. We will call you back as quickly as we can.


Home phone: (719)687-4484

Cell phone: (305)333-3186 (call or text)

Check back to see updates on our kittens and upcoming litters. We are especially proud of our cats and love to share pictures and stories about them.

January 10, 2023: The wonderful news we were hoping to share turned out to be disastrous. Lexie was pregnant and was due on January 3. She had two kittens she was carrying and we were so excited. However, she went into labor on January 1, 2023 and had a breach birth with the first baby. The baby was severely breach and died in the birth canal.  The second baby was born alive but did not make it past five days. We lost both of Lexie’s first litter and we are devastated.  

We will be doing our next breeding no earlier than March 20, 2023, for a very good reason.  I am putting on an international cat show in Golden, CO on April 14-16, 2023 and this is an all-hands on deck affair.  We cannot have kittens on the ground during that time, so we are scheduling our breeding so we can have newly pregnant moms during that time.  Plus, Peter should be old enough to want to breed then.


It should be said that due to unfortunate encounters with people running a scam for brokers, we will be vetting any prospective pet parents very diligently. If you are interested in getting one of our kittens, be prepared to answer very specific questions to prove that you are not a broker.


A broker is someone who buys a kitten to resell for profit. They are not willing to give the kitten a loving home themselves, but will often sell to pet stores and people who cannot get a kitten from a reputable breeder for one reason or another.

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Tiny Lions Napoleons

Anyone interested in a kitten must fill out our Questionnaire/Application, or otherwise speak to me over the phone; at which time, we’ll go over the points on the questionnaire. We make a point of finding the best homes for our kittens, so it is not a first come/first serve basis. We feel our kittens are an extension of our family, so we put a lot of time and effort into finding great pet parents.

We now have our own future stud home with us. KittenSmitten Peter Fursberg of Tiny Lions is looking good for replacing Claude. He is a darling boy who has a great personality. But it will take several months for him to mature into the stud he will be. I’m willing to wait.

Peter Fursberg

See kittens from previous litters to get an idea of what our current kittens will look like as they mature, in our Kitten Gallery.