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Tiny Lions Napoleons Queen Josephine’s Kittens

Queen Josephine, Josie, had her first litter on September 7, 2016. She had three kittens but one past away a few days after she was born. Although Josie is a remarkable mother, we believe she accidentally dropped her kitten while moving her. However, Josie was an extremely awesome mom and we couldn’t have been more proud of her.

We are proud to share with you her kittens so you can see what she produces.

Josie’s first litter was from a pairing with her and Riddle Me This (Riddler), a beautiful chocolate lynx pointed tabby nonstandard Napoleon. He was a stud I graciously got to borrow from Samantha McConnell of Pawcity Cattery, in Indiana.

Josie is a beautiful standard torbie Napoleon with an amazing personality. Sweet and quiet, it is impossible not to love her.  She carries chocolate.

Riddler is a sturdy nonstandard Napoleon with a fantastic personality. He loves people and has a ton of energy.

Gidget is a nonstandard torbie female with a to-die-for doll-like face and a ton of love in her. She carries chocolate, according to her DNA results.

Kubi is a nonstandard mackerel chocolate tabby male with four perfect white mittens and a white chest. He also has an adorable doll-like face like his sister. His DNA confirmed that he is a chocolate.