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Lady Bing’s Kittens

Lady Bing, (Bing), had a tragic first litter, but her second litter was a relief. Born on February, 16, 2017, she had three out of five babies survive and grow into amazing kittens. This was Bing’s first chance to prove herself as a mother and she did wonderful after figuring it out. We are extremely proud of her.  Her first litter was sired by Riddle Me This.

We are thrilled to share with you her kittens so you can see what she produces.

This is Mizzy, above (litter name: JoJo). She is a stunning brown classic tabby with white short-haired nonstandard Napoleon,. She is certainly the leader of the pack and a master manipulator.

This is Thomas, a short-haired standard brown classic tabby, mitted. He is out runt of the litter but don’t let that fool you.  He isn’t afraid of standing up to his siblings, despite his smaller size.

To the right is Milo (litter name: Darryl). He is a beautiful long-haired standard brown classic tabby with white. He is the class clown of the litter, followed by a deep sleeper.