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Tiny Lions Napoleons Gabrielle Landesclaw’s Kittens

Gabrielle Landesclaw, Ellie, had her first litter on September 6, 2018. She had three longhaired male standard kittens, all looking very different from each other. Teddy, upper left, is a chocolate smoke and white bi-color. S’more, lower left, is a chocolate silver shaded mackerel tabby and white, and is showing signs of looking like his mom. Vincent, below, is another chocolate silver shaded mackerel tabby and white. All of them have gone to their new homes.

Ellie’s first litter

Ellie’s second litter

Claude’s seventh litter was with Ellie (Gabrielle Landesclaw), which was their second litter together. There were two standard boys. The one on the left is Pillow, a chocolate mackerel tabby and white.  To the right of Pillow is Neko, a silver shaded mackerel tabby and white, just like his mom.  These little guys are doll babies. They grew up with Toby, May, and Smudge (above) and had an extended family.