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Tiny Lions Napoleons Sydney Clawsby’s Kittens

Claude’s tenth litter was his first with our #1 Minuet in the world (2020), Supreme Grand Champion Blueskies Sydney Clawsby of Tiny Lions. It was her first litter altogether and we were excited to see what these two champions could produce.  What an amazing assortment of kittens they gave us. The first was a nonstandard chocolate lynx point girl, Penny–absolutely beautiful. The second was a nonstandard red mackerel tabby and white boy, Milo. He was the lover of the crew. The third was a red classic tabby and white standard boy, Tigger. This is the kitten I would have picked to show. The last kitten was a red silver shaded tabby nonstandard boy, Henry. He is a stunning kitten and will make a remarkable cat. Congratulations to Sydney for taking the reins over from Bing.

First Litter, born March 12, 2020

Claude’s eleventh litter was his second with our #1 Minuet LH in the world (2020), Supreme Grand Champion Blueskies Sydney Clawsby of Tiny Lions. It was her second litter altogether and we were thrilled that the winning combination continued with this litter.  I was amazed that the four kittens born to the happy couple were different color combinations than their first litter.  However, we lost one kitten at around two and a half weeks old, leaving us only three beautiful babies.  The first is a nonstandard chocolate silver shaded classic tabby with stunning blue eyes!!  She is a nonstandard girl and was named Evie. The second is a nonstandard red silver shaded lynx point boy, Max. The third is a darling torbie lynx point standard girl, Maya.  Congratulations to Sydney and Claude.

Second Litter, born August 18, 2020