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Fleurdelis Indiana Jones of 406 Paws’ Past Litters

Fleurdelis Indiana Jones of 406 Paws, also known as Indy, was a stud we used to see if Ellie (Gabrielle Landesclaw) could conceive when she was having trouble with Claude after a C-section from a previous pregnancy. Given that he is mentioned here, in the section of Past Litters, the effort was a success and he has kittens with a Tiny Lions queen. Indy is a beautiful chocolate and white solid Minuet Tall boy, and we thank Lynn Brown of 406Paws profusely for letting us use him in our hour of need.

Litter, born July 12, 2020

Hugo (left) and Deku (right) are two Minuet Tall boys that were born to Ellie (Gabrielle Landesclaw) and Indy when we were having trouble getting Ellie to breed with Claude, our own boy. Hugo was a surprise, because he was a male chocolate smoke torbie, a rare instance where a torbie turns out male. Deku is a beautiful chocolate smoke and white solid Minuet Tall boy.

Sadly, Hugo passed away at five weeks old because of a heart murmur. As such, it is unlikely that we will use Indy again to breed with Ellie, as we do not know if the combination caused the heart murmur.

I have not gotten over the passing of Hugo. He was my favorite kitten in a long while.