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Clawed Lemieux’s Past Litters

Clawed Lemieux (Claude) is our own stud and we are very proud of him. He is a chocolate mackerel tabby and white, standard Minuet. He is a quad-grand champion in TICA and a regional winner of 2017 and 2018 before we retired him from showing because he became more interested in girls than proving how beautiful he is. He is a loving boy and has a wonderful personality. He produces some amazing babies, which you can see and judge for yourself below. These are only the babies he had for us. We loaned him to Lynn Brown, of 406Paws Cattery in Montana to breed with her girls.

First Litter, born June 5, 2017

Leo, on the left, and Ceviche, on the right, are two of Claude’s first litter. Their mother is Lady Bing and they are also her second live litter. Leo is a long-haired nonstandard brown classic tabby and white like his mother. Ceviche is a long-haired nonstandard brown classic tabby with white as well. He is an odd-eye cat, meaning he has one blue eye.

Second Litter, born September 28, 2017

Cleo, on the left, and Duchess, on the right, are Claude and Bing’s second litter.  Cleo is a brown classic tabby and white standard girl and Duchess is a brown classic tabby and white nonstandard girl.  Duchess looks a lot like her dad. Cleo is going to look just like her mom.  

We call Duchess Mizzy 2.0 because she is a super-energetic kitten. Cleo just wants to snuggle with people and love them, although she enjoys playtime just as much as Duchess does.

Third Litter, born May 17, 2018

Otis, to the left, was the only kitten from Claude’s third litter with Lady Bing. There was only one kitten in the litter and Otis was cherished dearly. He is such a darling and he went home with Milo’s parents. He is a brown classic tabby and white.

Fourth Litter, born September 6, 2018

Claude’s fourth litter was his first one with Ellie (Gabrielle Landesclaw). Teddy (left) was the very first kitten and he’s a hyperactive chocolate smoke bi-color. Claude’s first non-agouti kitten (non-tabby). S’more (immediate right) is an energetic chocolate silver shaded mackerel tabby. Vincent (far right) is also a chocolate silver shaded mackerel tabby, and he’ll look just like his mom. All three kittens are standards.

Fifth Litter, born September 14, 2018

Bing and Claude’s fourth litter was another small one, which we love. Vena (left) is a brown classic tabby and white and is the sweetest little girl you could want. She is the exact replica of her mom. To the right is Mochi, a kooky little boy who loves to play. He, too, is a brown classic tabby and white. Both are standards