Tiny Lions Supports Shelters and Veterans

Breeder of third generation Napoleon cats, the pride of cat lovers, and the kings and queens of the cat world.

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Tiny Lions Napoleons Tiny Lions Napoleons Proudly Supports  Shelter Animals and Military Servicemen.

My husband and I have two types of charities that we will always support: animals and veterans. In appreciation for the good fortune we’ve had in life, we wish to pay it back by giving to animals and veterans. Please see how Tiny Lions Napoleons shows our support for shelter animals and our military. We hope this inspires you to remember our veterans and our furry friends in their time of need.

Shelter Animals

You should never be intimidated by people who condemn you for buying a breed pet, but don’t forget this world’s shelter animals, either. These pets are wonderful creatures that weren’t given a chance to make someone happy. Unfortunately, many of the animals in a shelter were surrendered by someone who couldn’t or didn’t want to take care of them anymore. The best way to support these amazing creatures is to adopt one. They need homes.

Military Servicemen

My husband and I greatly respect this country’s military servicemen and women, and our veterans. We would like to show our appreciation for their service by offering a military discount on our kittens. With a valid military ID, you will receive a $100 discount on a standard Napoleon (minuet), or a $50 discount on a nonstandard Napoleon (minuet). Please mention that you are an active serviceman or woman, or a veteran when you contact us with your interest in one of our cats.